Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the wilderness. part ii.

it's been two days since coming back from ventana and i still feel like i'm on an adrenaline rush. you can imagine that it's been a very productive and extroverted couple days. everything's getting organized, filed away, & washed (yay for a clean & extra fluffy sleeping bag). and i seem to be making up for having two days of solitude because i've been wanting to be with people - lots of them!

since i'm on this natural high, i might as well edit photos from the trip, right? the following are some shots i took when i wasn't scared, exhausted, or too lazy to pull out the camera.
+ more reflections on the trip to come. (it hasn't been all organized mayhem over here.)

i confess. i made an illegal campfire. but it was so lovely, i figured the campfire police would forgive me.

that dark mass in the middle-ish is my bag of goodies to keep it away from critters.
o, and behind the black mass was the sunset. kinda nice, wouldn't you say?


  1. This whole journey of yours is so awesome! Great shots!! I can't wait to see more and read more about your trip. I'd be sooo scared!!

  2. lovely shots! but did you photograph the cake and wine? Hope they were a lovely treat at the end of the day.

  3. these are so beautiful liz! love how you frame your photos. :)


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