Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the fosths // steve, heather, ian, & georgia mae

simply put, the fosths are my family.

we met one very fateful thanksgiving day in 2008 & everything changed. my encounter with the fosths, particularly heather, reminds me that i never know who i might meet and how we may alter the course of each others' lives forever.

if i could offer one word of advice, it's: pay attention to the connections you make & the people you meet.
let yourself be affected.
let yourself be drawn in.

let yourself be changed.

we spent a lovely afternoon at foothill park in the exclusive palo alto residents only hideaway. (the only reason we got in was because there was no park officer guarding the entrance.) it was my first time being out in the beautiful hills since my injury, and i felt full from breathing in soft wafts of nature love. :)

i was especially struck by how georgia mae was completely in her element. she ran ran ran all around the open space & it was clear to me that in this space, she could be the free bird that she was created to be. i loved watching her, when i wasn't taking photos of the rest of the fam.

and ian. my gosh he is photogenic. just look at this handsome boy. he's charming, isn't he? *future heart breaker?

we ended on this amazing note.

i love you guys.


  1. great photos! i really like foothill park, and was excited that I recognized it from the dock and the duck. those ducks are super cool.

  2. liz....these are AMAZING!! love all of them! esp of the kids! i <3 this park - you caught some amazing moments~ such talent!

  3. beautifully captured, the kids are so enchanting and the location so utterly gorgeous -- all the more so cus you guys snuck in. :)

  4. such life! these are absolutely wonderful, liz. i especially enjoy heather's lakeside reflection, georgia mae's feet on the dock, and ian's robin hood feather :)

  5. brilliant lizzy, thanks for sharing. looking at these photos served as my morning prayer.


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