Saturday, October 16, 2010

right now...

i'm waiting for my rice cake soup to cool because i'm hungry and my body thinks it's 9:12pm even though the spotted sky still lets light through and the birds sing like it's the afternoon.

new york treated me well - very well - with it's explosive welcome and warming chill. i was welcomed home in a way i didn't expect.

these are a few snippets from the journey:
  • bella, a columbia university resident squirrel, took peanuts from my hand and jumped on my arm.
  • i gave my first presentation at a conference with my colleagues about some research we did.
  • had blasts-from-the-past meet-ups that opened my heart deeply. these ladies are simply enchanting and beautiful.
  • ate black (derived from squid ink) noodles.
  • lost my credit card on the streets of ny on day 2.
  • sat on a bench in dumbo reflecting on what i was doing a little over two years ago in that same space. i was inspired, driven, able to see, empowered.
  • finished a book that's gotten me all stirred up.
  • i finally ate a knish. and met mr.t while i was at it. "i pity the fool."
  • got lost in a bookstore.
  • met two tremendous women on the flight home.
  • had the best "kiss in your pocket" experience ever. ever.

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