Monday, June 9, 2008

scott robert workshop-NYC

We went to DUMBO the second day of the workshop and it was there that I realized how voracious my appetite is for unique imagery.  I was inspired... and my mind wouldn't stop spinning with ideas.  I couldn't turn it off. 

Christine, featured in these pictures, just graduated from Parsons. In every picture of her, she exudes an elegance that made it easy for me to capture beautiful imagery of her. I had a blast shooting her b/c she was so easy to work with. Thanks Christine! 

I have to also give mad props to Kai Kai and Harvey for posing in the below shot and for helping me execute my visions. They were quick to help with lending me their ST-E2, holding up the off-camera flash, posing, and being good company. Very talented guys...and I found out one of them lives 5 minutes away from me!


  1. awesome shot liz. I LOVE IT! Can I get the high res picture of it?! I'll send over that awesome picture I took of you! =)

  2. yay!! i was waiting to see these pics. :) is this 1/3 or 4??

  3. LOL oh man. cant wait to see the rest hahah. great stuff

  4. good photos. i'm christine's friend and she referred me to this site. i shoot too and you've got great talent. any way to see higher res versions?


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