Thursday, June 19, 2008

manifest this!

i feel like this guy - ready to do the chops!
(taken at the Bleecker St. stop in ny)

caribbean workshop was all about learning.
the nyc workshop empowered me.

the amount of information i took in at my first scott robert workshop was tremendous. some things were entirely new, and some things i had already been intuiting got verbally articulated. without a doubt, i learned more than i could've expected.

in ny, my vibe was different than what i felt at my first photog workshop ever. the difference was mostly that i was in work mode in ny - meaning, there were things that needed to get done that i felt hugely responsible for b/c i was helping organize the day-to-day of the workshop.

at one point, i remember thinking, "i don't even know if i'll get any good shots this week" b/c resources felt tight - a lot of photographers, limited equipment (for me), and not enough models! okay, that was totally in my head because there were plenty of models and people like scott, harvey, gayle, cindy and kai kai were generous with their equipment. (plus, i think it was when we were in the salon that i felt like things were tight...b/c it was a TIGHT space with way too many people in that downstairs area. but somehow, it all worked out).

back to this "empowered" feeling: i haven't posted my absolute favorite picture(s) from the ny workshop -- b/c i'm kinda saving it for an online portfolio that's in the works - but, this unposted picture sort of shocked me. i remember seeing the tree and then seeing christine on the tree with her dress flowing exactly the way it photographed. the empowerment came from being able to execute 99% of the vision. i didn't quite "nail the shot" b/c i was off on one technical aspect, but was almost there! (it is so satisfying to execute vision!)

all in all - (b/c it's 4:30am and i feel like i might start rambling) - nyc solidified a few things:
[1] my visionary spirit flows into all aspects of who i am, not just in thoughts, ideas, and/or philosophies, but also into the creative realm of photography and art direction.
[2] i love photography and am utterly grateful to have it be a part of my life and creative outflow
[3] i still have some insecurities that need to be addressed. (i.e. not feeling good enough)
[4] i need to get some more equipment - i feel stifled with what i currently own. (someone want to fund the liz-really-wants-a-5D-and-24-105lens campaign?)

yes, scott's workshop was life-changing. and on this trip, it came in small yet extremely empowering ways.

hi-YA YA YA! take that!


  1. liz, that's awesome! its always so cool to see big strides in your work. like little epiphanies that just makes your life grander! you make me want to push harder =)

  2. remember used is just as good as new! all my equipment is used from memory cards to cameras to lenses! theres always things being sold day to day at

    happy huntin'!

  3. liz, i love your realizations. what a great place to be in!

  4. @hanna k. - thanks for the encouragement. this is definitely a really exciting place to be. :D

  5. @angie - yeah, it's pretty cool... life does feel really grand right now. honored that i make you want to push harder. peace and love my friend! (ok, didn't mean to sound like a total hippy!)

  6. liz, you're at the tip of the iceberg- there is so much waiting for you with your photography that you don't even understand right now. Not only personal satisfaction but how you can make other people feel about themselves and the many amazing doors excellence can bring! great post.

  7. @scott - thanks for the encouragement. capturing beautiful images of people is really rewarding. it's kinda amazing at times. ;)


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