Thursday, July 1, 2010

one day

...i hope to have friends i can do this with.
(note. they are running rim2rim2rim at the grand canyon in these photos)

// 3 side notes
i think i have a running-crush on krissy moehl. ; )
it's like how lindy hoppers will form lindy crushes on people they love dancing with.
(& please don't get me started on my biggest lindy crush!)

i'm going to the grand canyon this weekend to hike with my mom & her alpine club friends. originally, i thought i was going to run rim-to-rim (~22 miles), but because of these shin splints, i'm just going to hike it & pray that it doesn't exacerbate the injury. i'm sorta dying to get out there and run, and at the same time it's been a good break.

there's something really good about not being able to do what i want.
this waiting has illuminated the degree of my desire to run. it's also helped me to grow in two ways: 1) to listen more closely to what my body's communicating and 2) to be humble. i have to respect what my body's telling me, which means i have to wait for healing. i'm still young in this world of running and have a lot to learn, even though sometimes i think i'm invincible. moments (i mean weeks) like this, make it clear that i'm not.

anyway, happy independence day weekend folks. i hope you go out there and experience freedom in unexpected ways & that you are empowered to walk more and more in the light of truth and love.


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