Tuesday, July 6, 2010

grand canyon // exploration of two kinds.

my mind's about to blow as i look through my grand canyon photos. i am so grateful that i took my dslr even though it was ~3.5lbs of added weight (particularly around my shoulder/neck). it was completely worth it. next time i go backpacking, i'll just have to get rid of something else so i can make sure to take my camera again. (maybe i can forgo the food.)

anyway, there's so much to share from the experience, but for now i had to share this one photo because it communicates two new explorations.

ps. this is my mom, an inspiration!

faux tilt-shift effect // this picture already had the TS feel to it, so i just manipulated it some more. do you think it i captured the tilt-shift effect well? if not, how would you do it differently? (i'm learning!)

2. the north rim of the grand canyon // i can't believe i backpacked ~21 miles from the south rim to the north rim this weekend. it was my first "real" backpacking trip and the experience at GC has redefined the word "awesome" for me. it was truly amazing & i can't wait to share more.

sooo much more to come!


  1. ahh! so awesome! more pictures please :)

  2. rich and refreshing. you make that hot deserty place seem so inviting.

    re: the tilt shift, i think you should blur out the extremes (top & bottom) more. the strength and beauty of tilt shift is its fantastical exaggeration that creates a miniature fantasy world out of our normally-sized boulders and buildings and people. keep playing, it looks good!

  3. at first glance I thought, she's at it again with the ts lens. Then after reading your post I gave it a closer look. I think some of the rocks to the left of the path should be blurred since it blurs all the way back to the person walking on the trail (isn't it kind of about depth of field?) Anyhow, that's my quick 2 cents but it looks like you're on your way to doing it faux! Cool! What an amazing first hike, most people do not have their first one in the Grand Canyon. Lovely!


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