Friday, July 9, 2010

grand canyon // the video recap.

i have been in a intense flow today editing photos and getting this video together. and although i prefer to be outdoors than sit in front of a screen, i have felt an immense satisfaction in creating something - it's not perfect; in fact, it's too fast....but for the practice of just putting things out there w/o the expectation that it needs to be perfect, here it is.

i hope you enjoy this 3 day journey in 3:49 minutes. this video features my group - 5 other folks, including my mom; each of them a unique and beautiful gift to my life. i am inspired by their stories and who they are because of those stories.


  1. sweet disposition.. this song was on repeat yesterday.

    marvelous pics. looked like an awesome trip, one for the ages.

  2. The kids and I watched together. Here are our comments - "AMAZING!" - Heather, "Cool!" Ian, "Lizzie! Where's Lizzie?" - Georgia Mae

  3. amazing trek and photos! would love to do this one day.

  4. You are quite extraordinary.


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