Sunday, July 25, 2010

it hit me.

my body's getting older.
i fell twice today. ... .hard
blood, scrapes, major stinging in the shower, you know.
the run that was supposed to be a nice 15 miles turned out to be just two - one mile running/falling/cleaning myself up and the other mile walking back to my car feeling kinda defeated.

what i thought was just surface wounds is turning into achy-ness all over my body in places i didn't even realize had been impacted.

it hit me.
my body is getting older.
it is not the same i remember it to be.
this is what people talk about when they have told me that it just takes longer to recover.
i get it now.

i wonder when you all had your "moment."
do you remember it? i want to hear the war wound stories. (it'll make me feel better.)


  1. Oh, dear Liz, keep at it (I know you will). I know you'll keep pushing through.

    This isn't much of a war story, but I'm in the middle of p90x, and I've definitely had to take extra days off. Today, for example, my calf HURTS so bad after yoga yesterday that I can't possibly do any of the leg workout that I'm supposed to do today. Frustrating, but the only thing we can do is rest, wake up tomorrow and TRY our best again.

    I know you'll respond and kick some ass!

  2. I was 29, waiting in the 2+ hour line for the Ansel Adams exhibit in SFMOMA in knee high, high heeled boots and I couldn't stand any longer without wanting to cry from the pain.

    After years of xrays, meds and a very frustrating diagnosis, I discovered that sleeping with my knees over the arm of the couch made it all better.

    Well, better enough to dance and do yoga and learn my limits.


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