Monday, July 26, 2010

bike camping. a first.

i had been looking forward to bike camping for a while now since my friend josh mentioned it to me. this sub24o trip was in the works for a couple months, and i loved how it all just came together. (well, "just" meaning we had some lengthy gmail threads going.)

steph, josh, & i went up a bit earlier and enjoyed off-roading to lake chabot campsite. & waited for the rest of the gang (brooke, michael, noah, tyler, jess) to join up.
the whole trip was pretty simple / bike. camp. bike.

but for some reason, it was particularly spectacular. i was in such high spirits riding up & down those hills. i loved being on
winnie. riding her reminded me of my elementary days when i'd ride until my legs couldn't take it anymore or i had to go back home. makes me giddy just thinking about the way my heart would beat so fast after climbing this hill by my mom's work...then pausing for that second before i'd fly down, rip the corner and pedal fast around the next corner to build up enough speed to get back up the hill. then repeat. this bike camp trip revitalized that kind of blood back into my veins. (maybe that's why i couldn't wipe this huge grin off my face when i was riding.)

i wish i could've seen all of us! on the way home, the rainbow gang was in full force taking up half a block, fully loaded, noggins protected, our lovely bikes carrying us forward. push/pull/push/pull. it's inspiring to think that our little human bodies are so immense
and amazingly capable. then multiply that by 8. ...that's a lot of power.

trip highlights:

midnight moonlit ride.

playing hot potato with an ember.

a glass of wine overlooking the lake at sunset.

lovely to meet you for the first (& hopefully not the last) time brooke, steph, michael, & noah.
& always great to see you jess, josh, & tyler.

looking forward to more bike camp trips!

the rest of the pics are on facebook. click here to take a look.

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