Monday, July 12, 2010

grand canyon // a spirit of generosity

it followed each of us there.
and it manifested each day.
and it multiplied the longer we were together.

i saw it uniquely in each individual,
but ajuhshee's generosity struck a deep chord.
the way he would put on his 45+lb pack, and
as soon as someone would ask for something,
he wouldn't hesitate to take it pack off and get it for them.
the way he would cook, wash the dishes, and serve the group.
his willingness to be the sweeper, and move at the rate of our last member
to make sure we were all well.

how could i not be moved by the beauty of his quiet actions?
unassuming, humble...a grounded-in-love kind of servant.
i unmistakably experienced a reflection of jesus.

and i am changed by it.

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