Sunday, January 31, 2010

winter [this space between] spring

what seemed like torrents of rain, cloudy days, cold winds, & feeling kinda what is now more soft blue skies, precise outlines of white fluffy clouds, radiant sunrises and sunsets, and a crisp moistness in the air ... it's clear that spring is near, not just b/c the calendar tells us so.

i feel like i'm in that [in between] state.
that space where the harsh winter storm is finally settling down and where we get glimpses of sunshine between the now sporadic sprinkles of rainfall. i believe this final flow of rain marks the cleansing of one thing and the nourishing of another.

these are all markings that a new season is making its way.

i see hope written all over the the tiny blossoms forming on apricot trees.
i take a deep breath in, and the concoction of the winter chill dancing with the warmth of life-giving sun rays intoxicates me.
the asparagus that laid dormant over the last several months, are breaking through the manure and springing forth. they cheerfully arise and most humbly say, "we are here! glorious & delightfully edible!"

dear spring, i didn't realize how much i awaited your arrival.
thank you for making your way for a visit.
you are so very welcome here.
i think i love you.
in fact, i do.
:*) [that's me blushing]

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