Friday, January 29, 2010

away. over here.

when i went to point reyes a few weeks ago, i stayed in an old mansion built in the 1930s. the four-story home was converted into a retreat center and named after saint columba. it's nested in the beautiful town of inverness, tucked away for retreatants to come and rest. the space is welcoming because it is exactly what it is; there are no pretenses there. being at st. columba feels like putting on my most comfortable pair of big soft socks. (except when it's super dark and my mind makes up dark scenarios so i get freaked out.)


  1. gorgeous images that capture the essence of that sacred space. I want to go there and just rest. Just looking at your photos of it brings that peace and tranquility to my soul. Thanks!

  2. nice! i'm heading up there next weekend for a night, first time - looking forward to it! thanks for the pics.

  3. just wanted to say i love point reyes. your photographs are amazing! found your site through yon r.'s facebook. best wishes, lee.

  4. such a sweet collection.

    zen like, i love it


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