Tuesday, December 8, 2009

VR love :: a year later

look familiar?

they looked like this one year ago.

but before you scroll down, i have confession. . . i initially felt pretty insecure about these photos.

1. after the shoot, i wasn't even sure i got anything worthwhile. and 2, i had my ISO too high and a lot of photos were much grainier than i would've liked. and 3, i started doubting myself. (ooo, bad). it even came to the point that i had seriously considered asking the VR's if we could re-shoot.

but before making any hasty decisions, i put the photos away, went to kauai and came back with fresh eyes.
[i smell a bigger life lesson here.]

well, i edited away and gave them the photos last night. to my surprise & delight, all susan could say picture after picture was, "oh my gosh." it was the first time i sat next to a client (friends, in this case) as they flipped through my final set of photos. in the past, i didn't want to be there for the reaction b/c i didn't want to hear anything negative b/c my own criticism is usually more than enough to take in. i felt different this time. i wanted to be there; i wanted to hear and see their reactions. and let me tell you, it was a joy to be there and a greater joy to serve them with these moments captured.

we went to foothill park in palo alto. pretty early on, hope got in trouble....so she stood there on the dock and cried. her pouty face was too cute to resist.

susan put this well... alex has a jesus-quality about him in this photo. (a bald jesus.)

o, the light.

anna captured me right from the get go this time around. she seriously stole the show... and i couldn't resist including a lot of her in this set. not only was she super cute, in a good mood, and willing to cooperate ... she kinda reminded me of a 3-year-old version of me. ;)

i love how josh is looking at susan in this....can you just see the love flowing out of josh's eyes and cute little smile?

by the end of the shoot...folks were pretty tired. so i busted out the tootsie roll pops i brought to treat everyone with. this was one of the last pictures taken that day. absolutely adorable!

thank you susan, alex, joshua, anna, & hope for inviting me to be a part of your family.

all my love, xoxo
auntie liz.


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