Sunday, November 30, 2008

VR Love. continued...

the vanriesens.
their story is a story of love.

having been a part of susan & alex's lives have opened me to new ways of doing life. following jesus. and loving. this family is human. real. legit. and i love them.

i don't usually post this many pics from one session, but i didn't want to leave any of these out. :-) enjoy.


  1. liZ!!! I love these! you capture the VRs so beautifully. i could look at these all day.

  2. I LOVE the photos! Way to go Liz. Where is that cool mural painted? Nice framing on the shots of them walking by the wall and then A&S kissing. Good work!

  3. These pix are absolutely incredible!

  4. i can't imagine it...
    but your awakening my biological clock just to have an F-session with you!!!

    can't wait to see more. these came out beautifully.

  5. Hey! I know that wall! ^_^ My buddies and I were goofing off around there pretending it was a real field of pretty flowers. hehe

  6. Awesome pics! Where is that wall?

  7. thanks everyone! :)
    the mural is next to country sun grocery store on california ave. it's a sweet lil spot.

    it was easy to capture such beautiful pictures of the VR's. i couldn't help it...if you know what i mean.

    lots of love.

  8. these f-photos are so precious. :) i esp love hte one where they are all laying down and the last one.

  9. hello - these photos are beautiful!


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