Wednesday, December 3, 2008

heart flutters

remind me that i'm still alive.

here in portland, my heart keeps fluttering around like a butterfly trapped inside a small space.
where the space either needs to get bigger or the butterfly needs to be set free.

i think.
myheart is growing.

i hope.
myheart is growing.

this morning. my heart fluttered a couple times. once because i found out the results of the 5K that i ran in on thanksgiving. (go to female, age 20-29, & look for #6!)

i have to say, i'm pretty proud of the results for it being my first race and that i only started running in september. my roommates know that i had a bout ("only a bout?" um.. okay fine, more than that) of frustration that i didn't run faster and get a better time.

but i have to say that seeing the results puts that voice to rest and calls on my desire to do even better next time. i know i can do it. i believe it.


  1. That's a fantastic time! And just think, you'll only get better from here. :)

  2. what a great time, you speedy awesome woman!! congrats :) :) :)

  3. liz, that is a great time. i am so in awe! makes me want to run...but not so much that i would actually train for a marathon or anything crazy like that. ;)

  4. thanks everyone! :D who knew this last place junior high track runner had a little juice left. hahahah


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