Monday, December 7, 2009

let's define

heart-related : (adj) describes the relationship between two people based on the connection that occurs when the barriers between two hearts diminish; usually brings a smile to your face when you think about that person.

Example: We’re not blood-related, we’re heart-related.

this term came to me the other day as i thought about how i might define some of the relationships i have. i think for me, this word is about defining longer term/developed (or relationships that are being developed) friendships where that person is family to you. it can also define those folks that you meet who ride the same heart wave as you.

heart-related. nice!


  1. adore this definition. i'm not a person who feels like we shouldn't define everything ... or 'put it in a box' ... i say LET'S DEFINE IT ALL .. that way -- in the search -- we'll find the very core of ourselves and finally accept It.

  2. I feel heart-related to you. ; ) Good thoughts...


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