Sunday, June 7, 2009

you got the wrong thing babe.

i guess wendell thought my finger was more appetizing.

i have a new dryer sheet with a basil scent. as a result, tasha likes to nibble on my clothes.
i guess i smell tasty to goats now. nice.

& i won't neglect the chickens because although they're not as cute as the goats, i have a load of respect for them. (yes, like a gigantic-load-of-laundry kind of load). i mean, they are able to produce and lay an entire egg every single day. i say you give that a try and see if your respect doesn't grow exponentially for these little creatures (even if one of them usually tries to dominate me. the scary thing is that, she'd probably beat me in the pecking order. but get me squawking like a chicken and i'm sure that'll set things straight).

to farm life.


  1. very cool. i don't think i've ever known anyone who raised goats in their backyard.

  2. linda, you should come visit this summer. you'd love it. ;)

  3. i knew as soon as you said basil linen sheet it would be Mrs. Meyers! Love the work Liz and the Louise encounter - sweet gift..~ jill


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