Monday, June 8, 2009

i felt like i could run forever.

so i put on my sneakers and started running. and running. and running.
but i had to turn around and work my way back, since i had nothing on me.
no money.
no i.d.
no phone.

at around mile 10.5, i felt so light-headed that i got desperate to ask a stranger for a snack.
i saw a dad throwing bread to the ducks and thought, "boy, i'd sure like a piece of that."
but i kept walking.

then i saw two parents with 4 kids and i thought, "surely they'd have a snack! they're parents with small children."
but i kept walking.

then i saw a white-haired lady with her friendly old light-haired lab.
i approached her while she had her back towards me searching her fanny pack and pockets for her car keys.
"i'm sorry to bother you, but you wouldn't happen to have a snack i could have, would you?"
"are you diabetic?" sounding quite concerned.
"no, i just didn't prepare well. i just ran 10 miles and have a few more miles to go to get home ...."
"i don't have any food or money, but i can give you a ride home."
i didn't hesitate, and jumped in.

it was only a 6 minute drive. but i learned a lot about her.
she grew up in canada on a farm with 3 dozen chickens and pigs, and is now practically vegetarian because of that experience. she was having a hard week; her niece just passed away and her good friend had to put her dog down. she walks in the baylands almost every day to listen to the water and the birds. she's lived in palo alto since she was 16 when she came here for college. she was a single mom, with a son now 35 years old. (he lives in rural nevada running a small local newspaper). she's an editor and works via fax, not the computer. and she knows how to identify all the plants/vegetables/trees growing in the garden. she's really happy.

i loved the way she was so delighted by the farm and the way she said, "Oooooh!" and giggled.
i later found out her name was louise and her dog's name, annie.

before she got into her car, i asked ms. louise, "can i give you a hug?"
"Oooooh, of course!" with a huge grin.

our hearts embraced and we loved each other in those moments.


  1. wonderful! thank you for sharing this moment.

  2. So happy to share the planet with you :0) I hope you know how special you are.

  3. I love who you are, how you connect with people and how you engage the world with your heart. thanks for sharing this with me.

  4. you made me happy right now =)

  5. i'm happy to be able to share these moments with you all.

  6. Oh I miss you so Miss Song! I just read your post and cried. Thanks!

  7. sweet.. and great story telling! i'm glad you didn't have to ask the man with the bread for snacks. i imagine bread for ducks is usually stale. :P

  8. reading this just ended my day with such grace. thanks so much for blogging.


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