Thursday, June 4, 2009

big big news.

i'm moving.

but this's upstairs from where i currently sleep. it's the barn loft.
& you can't hear it, but i'm squealing (internally) right now.

this news has been the reason for all excitement, dreamings, and home depot visits these days. it's the source of most of my inspiration because it's the first time there's so much freedom to make this place home. as much as my current dwelling has been incredible; i've known it only to be a transitional space, but the loft... o the loft...will be quite different.

the painting begins in a couple weeks and then the gradual move of furniture, then visits to second hand/vintage stores and more.

one thing i'll be doing on this blog is documenting the transformation of the space, including (but not limited to) fun finds, the painting party, before/after pics, and polls to be inspired by your suggestions/thoughts. FUN!!!

i hope you come and visit some day. ;)


  1. oh what fun! i love homes! wish i could be there to see the finished product and get some pictures :)

  2. asd;lfkj! you're the coolest! i wish i can visit you someday... :)

  3. sounds so fun and romantic. I would love to visit your cozy little nest...


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