Sunday, May 17, 2009


it's been a while, hasn't it?

a lot's been stirring inside. a lot.
& i've been in a space between something old and something new.
i don't know what that new thing is, but i sense that i am journeying there.

these are just some recent reflections/snippets/thoughts/upcomings:
  • clair de lune takes my heart where it longs to be
  • i am officially a twilight fan (aka addict)
  • scaled a hillside at a state park on a whim; it felt adventurous and a little crazy; there was no path...just me and the upward journey
  • taking an entire day to rest and be restored feels extravagant, but am more convinced now than ever, that i need one each week
  • i saw snow queen (one of the 9 cats that live here) carrying a little mouse in her mouth, dying... it was sad and cute at exactly the same time
  • i haven't run once since the marathon. my shins are still recovering. :( this is pretty depressing b/c i love it so much. instead, i've been riding claire more & plan on riding in tour de sprouts on june 6th (you can participate too!)
  • was smitten with a 3yo boy named lucas, who i met while volunteering in the pre-school at my church. i just wanted to squeeze him the whole time but thought maybe that'd be a little inappropriate. (he likes wearing only one shoe, so kept taking off his right shoe). lol
  • witnessed a 7.5yo boy and a 5yo girl flirting while eating pretzel sticks
  • my grandma was an amazing woman; one to be admired and respected for her fortitude
  • sage. o sage. i'm going to see her this week after a work trip to san diego. i can't wait to smell her. seriously...everytime sage and i see each other for the first time, we both start giggling uncontrollably. i love her so much.
  • i met a man who has 6 kids and the 7th on its way and instantly admired him
  • the truth is refreshing. it's healing. it enables.
  • i need inspiration.
  • my hands are needing a project to work on where i can get in there and get messy.
  • what a year it's been so far....what a year.

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  1. Hi Liz. Nice pics.
    Here's a website of a guy who shoots with a 5D as well.


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