Monday, May 4, 2009

life at the farm.

finally. life is slowing down again.
i can breathe deeply once more.

the last 10 weeks have been more than full.
full of: learning opportunities, life-giving people, fun projects, growth in self-awareness, endurance, celebrations, and reaching into unfamiliar places. and as rich as all this has been, i've been yearning for some quiet space and time here at home.

what drew me to the farm initially -- the desire to settle down -- is beckoning me back.

i moved 5 weeks ago to a place...

where 3 fresh chicken eggs are laid each day.
where plum tree leaves fluttering in the wind is like the most peaceful song i've ever heard.
where cool breezes gliding over my bare skin settles my heart.
where 63+ cat paws silently roam.
where 2 nigerian dwarf goats teach me about needs.
where asparagus, strawberries, herbs, flowers, have claimed their roots.
where family dwells.
where i can fall into a deep slumber.
where in that slumber, i visit places i've never been and never knew existed.
where shallow meets depth.
where grace and peace have made their home.

i am in love with all of these things.


  1. oh you make it look so wonderful - and i'm sure it is! i love the billy goat - cute!

  2. liz, your photography and words continue to inspire, thanks!

  3. These photos remind me how rich my life is. After yesterday, I was trying to practice gratitude. And these photos helped me. I said to Steve last night, "We have goats!" That alone should make anyone happy.

  4. more more pictures of the farm!!!


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