Tuesday, March 3, 2009

talk about vulnerable.

these artists were creating their art in front of hundreds of people:

potential buyers.
fellow artists.

i went to southern exposure's annual monster drawing rally on friday night and thoroughly enjoyed time spent there. two things struck me: 1\the artists' courage and vulnerability and 2\the eclectic monotony of hipster culture.

definitely inspired.

why? b/c one of my goals/hopes for 2009 is to have a small photography show. i even have a venue in mind. it's the local philz coffee that opened up a few blocks from my house. i met phil a short while ago, and he has a wall where he features artists' work.

i suppose this means i should probably start working on something, right? ... . ... ..

i hope i have enough courage to be like the hipster artists i saw lay our pieces of their hearts on friday night.


  1. Ooh nice pics. But you did not capture the most inspiring moment - which was inhaling tacos and burrito at the taco truck outside.

  2. when you do your show, let me know, bc you know we support you!!!!!! go liz. go liz!!!!

  3. I love all three - but I am particularly drawn to the top one. It's like a reverse horizon perspective where we (the viewer) are the horizon line and the artist is coming towards us with his creation. I felt expectant and excited to see what would flow out towards me. And now I will be a loyal patron of Philz. : )


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