Thursday, January 22, 2009

joanne + conor

married. happy. beautiful. adored.
joanne and conor were married in november, and i had the privilege to capture it. really, it was a privilege to spend the day with them and experience some of their most intimate moments.

what struck me most about this couple was their magnetism towards each other and to others. there's a genuine respect, adoration, affection, and love for each other that became more and more clear as i spent the day with them.

i was especially struck by how they would look at each other and how authentic they are to who they are. and of course, they most definitely knew how to have fun! (but honestly, i think what i found most warming to my heart, was how dorky they can be. lol....they had an awesome choreographed dance that had me roaring!)

i have to give a MAJOR shout-out to my buddy Lynn-Kai Chao (aka: Kai Kai), who i couldn't have done this without. he is an amazing photographer who embodies a spirit of service and care. i hope you get a chance to check out his work and appreciate the art that he creates through photography. (the pic below of the DJ was taken by him). thanks again, friend!

enjoy these snippets...


  1. amazing. awesome. beautiful.

    you. are. talented!!!!!

    miss joo!

  2. i have to admit this wedding resulted in my best pics to date in a wedding i think....

    sweet action shooting with you!

  3. btw 50L is now fixed in case you wanna use it next time! but it looks like it performed well for this wedding anyways haha.

  4. wow, liz.
    it's awesome to see you growing in your skills.

    these are spectacular.

  5. :-) thank you all.... it's easy to capture beauty, when it is so apparent. i had a lot of fun editing these and am so glad i can share them with y'all!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. love how the world looks through your lens! what an inspiring collection of joy, beauty, and wonder. thanks for sharing liz!


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