Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i was

reminded tonight of how much joy dancing brings into my life. i went to swing central for the first time in 2 months, and i loved how much enthusiasm and life is involved when people are connecting through body movement.

lead. follow. lead. follow. inspired follow. follow inspires. lead follows. follow. lead.

it's beautiful.

and tonight, i had two dances with one of my favorite leads and .WOW. it was amazing!
i loved his precision and awareness when dancing because it made our connection that much more powerful. it's one of those dancing experiences where afterward...we know we're both better for it. seriously.

and to click up a notch: it's not just in dancing; it can happen every single day in our human interactions. when you meet someone (male/female/old/young/poor/homeless/Italian/mechanic/CFO/whatever)...and there's a chemistry that's hard to resist...there's an opportunity to im-press a genuine mark on the other's life and TO BE im-pressed by the other. it's not necessarily a sexual thing i'm talking about; it's deeper than that. it actually feels like hearts are connecting. and when THAT happens...LIFE happens.
(i just happen to be experiencing this in the context of lindy hop).

maybe we can learn something from our expert jelly fish dancers.


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