Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i need

to be reminded of my heart connection to muhammed.
he will never know the impact he's made on my life. he
im-pressed upon my heart. my mind.
when you go on vacation, are you more open to learning, trying new things, exploring, &meeting people?

but when you get back into the daily grind, doesn't that spontaneity and happenstance take up residence next to non-existence? heads down, ear plugs in, mind in a 100 different locations...

it makes sense that we are lost.

lost to the beauty around us. not because it does not exist, but because we can not see it. we choose not to.

when i was in portland, i met a number of people that all had this "thing" about them. ... they were wide open &unassuming...sharing freely as i asked them questions. this type of person often photographs differently. no kidding. something about them gives me permission to "come on in." so i do. and in turn, they are also letting you in.

they are the opposite of guarded.
guarded. ...

i want to carry that spirit of being wide open with me wherever i am. i don't want my heart to look like this. because behind these gates, there are more things dead than alive.

i wonder what it might be like to live in a place where there's just a little less guardedness in the world.

i want to be the opposite of guarded.


  1. beautiful reflections, dearest song .
    i'm experiencing much of this today . this moment . having returned from new places, faces, spaces . thank you for putting words to how i'm feeling .


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