Friday, November 7, 2008

this made me laugh and (almost) cry...

19 things i learned from my dog

to highlight:
12. When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle them gently.

on laughing and crying:
there's a korean saying that i grew up with: "if you laugh and cry at the same time, you'll grow hair in your butt." good thing i NEVER do this; and neither should you, unless you want copious amounts of butt hair.

i love that every culture has ridonkulous sayings that somehow permeates through history and into the future.

on the menu this weekend:
pumpkin spiced latte/journal/pen/time
new recipe trial: carribean pumpkin and black bean soup
family photo shoot
dinner &fun with a new friend
6 mile run
bakesale betty
a special delivery
a new employment celebration and poetry reading
13 mile run

why don't you go and nuzzle someone you think needs a lil love. //bye.


  1. what's coming special delivery? Fun photography stuff?

  2. what does it mean to "nuzzle" someone? nudge them?

  3. @hk - yup, delivering a large canvas print to a client. :-) they loved it! whoo hoo

    @kennykimdotcom - nudging. nuzzling! haha

  4. i had some of the soup for lunch today. mMmm... thanks for coming out last night - it was good food, good poetry, and good company. i hope you had a good time.

    there's a similar saying in vietnamese: if you laugh when you're crying, you have to eat 10 pieces of poop. (it's supposed to make crying people laugh)


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