Monday, November 10, 2008

lifelong resident

remember zell?

o gosh, i hope you do. he's just a sweet old man i met last january. it was by chance that i saw his big honkies (this is a word i made up - refer to link above).... and it was by total chance that i saw him again a couple days before halloween, outside of Savers (a local thrift store).

i saw him with his cart, after he went on a shopping spree buying....a LOT of stuff. we got a talkin a bit more and turns out he remembered me.

and i found out a few tidbits about zell.

  • he's now 71.
  • he "loves" to shop
  • he's retired
  • he's lived in redwood city his whole life
  • he was a janitor for most of his professional career
  • he chose that path for the pension
  • he bought a popcorn popper the day i took these pictures because he really needed it
  • he doesn't use or have the internet because he doesn't want to complicate his life. (amen, brotha)
  • &Zell really likes trinkets.
Check out his beautiful, story-full hands (and of course, a trinket that he bought).

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