Wednesday, October 8, 2008

o charlie

if you haven't read any of charlie's blog entries, it is time.
he moves me -- the honesty. passion . anger . emotion . raw truth. -- and his heart will move you.

since i started running, people have made comments that i'm "crazy" or questioned how i can just "get off the couch and start running" the way that i have. so, let me tell you something that might help get you inside my head and my heart.

putting on my shoes.
charlie and i met back in early september at a workshop about experiencing love in the real world. when he talked about running, it was clear he was talking about love.

i ran my first longest run with him, the morning of september 10th. it was a wednesday.
that following saturday, september 14th, i ran the longest i had ever run up to that point in my life. 12.5 miles for 2 hours and 20 minutes. i couldn't have done it without this group. something changed in me throughout that day; i realized a profound truth: i can do anything. (Sure integrating it into all of my being is another story, but this truth has not stopped resonating in my head). it's beginning to permeate the layers of my mind, body, heart, and soul.

go. go . go . ... .
i haven't stopped running since then. pulling 6-8-9-10-11-12 milers throughout the week.
gaining strength.
(a few muscles).
and love.

somehow, in the midst of running, i've begun to experience a healing and richness to my life that i could have never expected from running. (b/c i really disliked it before charlie).

this wave of ... love ... seems to come at the points when i'm at the peak of my energy and at the deepest valley. it is at the moments of raw that i experience God and i am ALIVE. i've tasted, and now i keep wanting more.

and beyond!
LA and Big Sur, here I come. want to join me?


  1. a beautiful and compelling post.

    ....but not compelling enough to get me to run LA or Big Sur. maybe i'll come to cheer you on...?

  2. omg marathons are ridiculous. I couldn't get up from bed the next day. Thats how ridiculously sore I was. haha.

  3. i really really hated running too, but i've discovered that its an emotional endeavor more than something physical and athletically driven. there's an amazing writer haruki murakami who's known for his fictional novels but he just came out with a nonfiction book about running! it might be cool to check out!

    have fun in big sur! i love love love love love it there. its like walking on clouds

  4. Hi there,

    I have started running too. I hated running before. But i'm loving it the more i do it. i agree on what u said.

    Do you think I can re-port ur entry in my blog (giving credit to you of coz) to hopefully inspire others?

    :) Meiyin (Singapore)


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