Friday, August 1, 2008


what i loved about my argentine tango experience
  • the connection! 
  • b/c it was so new to me, i couldn't anticipate moves
  • pay attention!
  • be free and just move
  • it's gentle and strong
  • i felt so aware - mind, body, heart
  • the occasional cheek kisses as greetings, mostly from Rosa. (she is just lovely! and reminds me a lot of bianca).  i could get used to this. 
  • connection!! (yes, i know i already mentioned it. but i thought i'd bookend this post with another.


  1. nice polaroid-looking shots. am i a dork if i first read the title of this post as "bee-same"??

  2. besame mucho! latin dancing is so much fun :)

  3. beautiful photos, liz! i hope lindy hop is not going to lose you to tango. :-)


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