Wednesday, May 7, 2008

5 days apart

Bianca and I met one of the first days of college at ucsc. We were placed in the same "multicultural" hall at Porter College. Fall of 2000, our lives intersected and there began our story of friendship.

Bianca's a pretty amazing person, and I don't say that lightly. Her authenticity and genuine love for people struck me immediately. In fact, she's left a deep impression on me for the last 8 years.

Though we've been in and out of contact, I feel like a unique depth still resonates between us. (hahha, I hope she feels the same way). But honestly, I think it's just because of who she is. or maybe it's because we were born only 5 days apart.

Let me tell you a story:
I crashed Bianca's new car. Sophomore year, she let me borrow her Honda CRV so I could go visit my sister in Berkeley. I dented it pretty badly and I remember driving back to Santa Cruz feeling extremely bad about the situation. I would've rather just died than faced what I did.

*knock knock* Bianca wasn't in her room.

So, I sat in front of her door until she came back. And when she did, she found me sitting on the ground quiet and unable to confess what I did. She sat there patiently for me to be ready to talk for at least an hour! And finally, when I could muster the courage to tell her what happened and to ask for forgiveness, she graciously and lovingly forgave me. She loved on me, when I was the one that messed things up! I remember that day experiencing God's love for me in a profoundly deep way.

This picture was taken his past Friday during a walk at golden gate park in SF. The tree looked so interesting, we decided to climb it.


  1. uhhhh, wish you felt the same way when you dropped my macro lens and dented it!! hahahahaa!!!

  2. dude liz!! your pictures are getting really good! I see a difference before and after Scott's workshop (a little plug for you Scott) =P

  3. @scottrobertlim - i've worked through it, and can more easily forgive myself for mistakes now. that's why i showed little remorse., really i did feel pretty bad. =(

  4. @cheendy - too bad you can't come to NY! And thanks for your compliment, not sure if it had anything to do with scott though. ;P


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