Monday, August 4, 2008

news from the garden

things are movin and growin...

you might remember when i posted about my garden when i first planted transplants. i looked back at it, and am so bummed that i didn't post a picture of the weak-sauce squash plant. because it had 2 1/2 leaves and wasn't lookin so hot. now, some of the leaves are close to 2' wide. (look below)

i spent a little time in the garden this weekend and look what i found and ate.

this is the one and only watermelon that was growing and I accidentally dismembered it from the vine! AH...
it was pretty disappointing to see this lil thing all alone. Even if I get one watermelon, I'd be thrilled!


  1. wow, that's impressive. way to garden

  2. holy cowsers! way to go on the gardening, i am so not good with it and plus we can't grow nothing in our backyard, the soil here sucks!

  3. i absolutely love tomatoes! and those look really shiny and delish. mm. are you growing these in a pot or on a plot of land? and are those your sauconys? i like..

  4. you should share recipes to go with this post.


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