Tuesday, July 29, 2008

traditions can be a drag. but when you have sage in one of dem outfits....

i know... so cute huh?


  1. Oh. Em. GEE!

    What is another phrase for um, TOO CUTE, TOO ADORABLE, TOO HUGGABLE, AND SQUeezable, babieness?


  2. @jane - i think your "Oh. Em. GEE!" was pretty close. I know what you mean......oh man do I know!

  3. a baby hanbok?!?!? omg--i want one. for my unborn child. hahaha. this is seriously adorable. :)

  4. that first picture of Sage is to die for. I love her little squinty smile =)

  5. @lindsay - i know... can't believe how cute that lil hanbok is! sage's grandma got it for her in korea! you need to go there and get one for this unborn child of yours. haha

  6. hey liz, what did sage choose at her 1 year old birthday party?

    thinking of you! bernice

    ps. your pics are great! i like the ones of the shoes and the hanbok. :)

  7. @shy artist - sage chose measuring cups...and then 2nd, a spool of yarn! my cousin made her pick up the $50, but sage didn't even look at it and dropped it like it was hot. lol

    she's the best.
    thinking about you too!! how's LA?


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