Wednesday, July 30, 2008

sage demonstrates how to suck your thumb - i mean hers.

we were just playing around on sunday morning while we let mom get a few extra minutes of sleep.


  1. dude, so cute, in that first pic, it looks like sage, is winking with one eye and saying ... "alrite check it out, this is how i roll." so cool!

    hahaha, she's adorable!

  2. dude sage has nice eyebrows!!! =P

    more pictures of sage!

  3. Very nice thumb sucking technique... not that I am an expert or anything hahaha.

  4. love the series showing us how Sage sucks her thumb!

  5. mom and dad enjoy the pictures.
    they want to see more dohl photos.
    the shortcut to your blogspot is on their desktop, so mom said she'll be checking daily! =)

  6. @cheendy - i agree...sage has quite the lovely eyebrows. and eyes. and nose. and lips. and cheeks..and........
    it's endless.

  7. She is just too precious! Please tell me she's into younger guys cuz my 6-week old HAPPA would totally dig her. If she let him suck her thumb, it would be all over....mates for life! = )


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