Wednesday, July 23, 2008

main coon huh?

andychon suggested "main coon" as a comment to my last post.
i immediately thought, "cancun? is he suggesting i go to cancun?"

um, yeah.

so, i googled it and this is what i found on the pinetar rag.

i'm not sure if i should be inspired or freaked out!
but gosh, seeing that human-sized cat makes me just want to wrestle with it like a bear. it has nothing on me! rar!

the weirdest part is that there were 103 comments after this post. maybe now that i borrowed a picture from this lady, i'll get .. 103 minus 100 comments or something like that.


  1. looks like yomie! but i think that cat is like 3x bigger than my cat. if you want, you can come wrestle yomie, she always wants to play. however i think she'd probably take you down with her allergens!

  2. hahaha! you found it! whenever i need a pick me up, i look at that picture.

  3. @andy chon - i didn't think you could actually be referring to this beast of a feline. lol....thanks for pointing me to main coon. how did you come across it?!

  4. the receptionist at my work is obsessed with main coons. all she talks about is how badly she wants one...but she has a turkish angora and i keep telling her that's more or less the same thing, weighing in at 31 pounds!

  5. thats a crazy "cat". aren't you allergic to cats? i don't think you should take him on =)i got your back though. alex has been wanting a cat, maybe i'll take this one captive


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