Thursday, July 24, 2008

bored & cautious

These people look bored.

I wonder if I chose this picture because it’s a reflection of something inside of me.

By the way, I appreciated everyone’s suggestions for things to try to get inspired. I have a few ideas for things I must post as soon as I get my computer back. My garden is also in the queue because you have to see my gigantic crooked neck squash plant. It is gigantic!

But, something I wanted to write today is this: dance is a mirror to life.

At tango class, I feel myself almost getting emotional every time I’m there. And, not that I’m necessarily about to cry; I just become so aware of mind, soul, and body and it resonates deep within. Dance forces me to be aware .. to be intentional. I need to know what my body is doing, yet let it move freely within the space my leader and I have formed – between the connection that supposed to make us into one body moving through time and space together. Deep no?

I have so many more thoughts on this. But, on a fun note, let me end on this.
As one of our beginning exercises, Felipe had us scatter chairs throughout the room. Then, he made us hold hands with our partner and for follows, we had to close our eyes and trust our lead to lead us through the space without bumping us into chairs and other people.
I went through 4 stages through this process.

1. A lil stiff: Trusted my lead, but was sort of “holding my breath” as he lead me through.
2. VERY cautious: He bumped me into a chair! My body totally resisted following him freely. Makes sense…he messed up and broke trust. Funny thing was that this second stage was when he and I were laughing out loud the most. My eyes were closed, and though I couldn’t see my expression (or his), I am positive my body was squirmed up like a shriveling slug under the sun. I had a blast in stage two.
3. Give a lil: He bumped me into another chair! But, something inside of me wanted to let it go and trust his lead, so I felt my body loosen up a bit.
4. FREE: And finally, FINALLY, I decided in my head to just be free and trust completely! It was a liberating feeling…but the song ended about 15 seconds later.

You might consider asking someone to hold your hand and guide you through an unknown place. It’s exhilarating!


  1. oo i've been trying yoga but i would like to try dance too. sounds great

  2. i'd love to try and tango!
    can i get my own felipe while i'm at it???


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