Friday, July 25, 2008

quietly inspired.

there's something stirring deep within.

  • i purchased my very first 5D
  • listened to amy seeley all day
  • wore a skirt and high heels
  • found out about a workshop i want to go to and called to reserve a spot
  • sipped on a mojito
  • talked to strangers at a bar
  • signed a contract
  • heard some really sad news
  • oozed with love as i thought about seeing baby sage
  • am probably pulling an all-nighter
i'm off to SD, on a bike.
then on a train.
then on another train.
then on a airplane.

my little sage is turning one and i'm not about to miss the celebration.

know i'm going to have so many pictures of her.

btw. a lil bday shout out to pri. happy days mi amor!


  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! You have a 5D!!!! No fair, I feel so old skool now! I'm the last man standing! Hahaha! What lens did you compliment it with? And what workshop you attending?!! OMG and the whole short skirt, high heels and talking to strangers in bars sounds a bit seedy to me, is that what you did to pay for the 5D??!! Lol!!

  2. @bandele zuberi -
    dude, B - you are totally misreading my post. lol.
    it was a skirt, not a "short" skirt.
    and the talking to strangers was just a random conversation about CYCLING, while waiting for Jane (yes, Jane) and Jenny for dinner.

    and I practically stole the 5D bc it was such a good deal. i'll msg you on The Face.

  3. you got the 5D???? LUCKY!!!! i was thinking about returning my 40D to get the 5D... hmmmmm.... hahaaha. i'm excited for your new toy!

  4. Sounds like a 5D is pretty cool. :)

  5. you bought a 5D?!?!!? oh WOW!! i am so excited for you. wow. wow. wow. wow. wow. *envious* ;)

  6. dude B - when you gonna finally move down here so you don't miss no get togethers. and L - waddup yo, you didnt put on your list of Todays ... learned about tweety growing up in to Big bird? LOL just kidding. at least dinner with two HOT mamas.

  7. btw loooooooooooooooove that picture of the flowah!

  8. hehe i love the flower too! way to make it look all cool! btw it is sitting in a little cup in my kitchen.

  9. @jonathan - you should do it! hahah FULL FRAME BABY!

  10. Nolas for dinner & drinks, signed a contract, skirt and heels, AND a 5D!!! What an amazing day you've had. And to top it off your going to see Sage. I think you're inspiration is coming back :)

  11. dude you just got the 5d?! crazy! I'm getting the d700 in like a week or two... we'll be full frame buddies!

  12. congrats on the new purchase! :) look forward to seeing some cool photos.


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