Tuesday, July 22, 2008

picture of pictures

i have a confession to make.

i've been tired of blogging....i think because i haven't been as inspired as i usually am. Could it be that i'm OD'ing on photography?

hahah, ok. i think that is hardly the case because i still love it. it was just a passing thought.

i need a lil inspiration! suggestions?


  1. @andy chon - what's main coon? and.. "hi!"

  2. maybe you could allow guest bloggers.

    or you could do some posts that feature other blogs/websites/photographers/artists/products/whatever that inspire you.

    or you can take a break from blogging. :) don't worry i will still be a devoted fan!

  3. @shee shee - you'll check my blog every day even if i don't blog? wow..you are THE best. o to have a friend like you.

    i like the idea of guest bloggers.
    and yeah, i need to do more posts on people i'm inspired by. hmm...so many to choose from!

  4. you could try your hand at the different kinds of blogging out there like do a food blog post, a poetry post, a political post. that would be fun to see.

  5. obviously, nothing can be cooler than the main coon. but maybe a "themed" week? project per week? goal per week? you can write about the progress and development and you'll have so much accomplished!


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