Thursday, May 8, 2008

self-portrait 5

It's already May of 2008. It's hard to believe that it's almost summer time because next thing we all know, we'll be saying happythanksgiving-merrychristmas-&-HAPPY NEW YEAR! But, it is still May -- so I'll try to stay present to the here and now. Which means one thing: it's time for my monthly self-portrait.

And, to tell you the truth...I got too lazy to come up with a creative self-portrait for this month (kinda like last month). Steph suggested I take a picture with Photo Booth, which I used for the first time 10 minutes ago, to take this lovely picture.

Actually, this shot is the best one of oh..about a dozen or so. Steph had to watch me make ridiculous faces and funny sound effects to match the look and shape of my mouth. She said something like, "uh, the pictures won't capture sound." YEAH, I KNOW STEPH -- THANKS FOR THE REMINDER. *growl*

Anyway, I was feeling really narcissistic taking all these pictures of me so I picked up any prop I could find near me to make me feel better. And, lucky favorite mag finally came today and guess who the featured: Oh yeah.....The Big O. (It's interesting how similar they made this month's cover to a previous cover with Al Gore).

Doesn't Obama look handsome in this cover? I tried taking one of me giving him a kiss, but felt like it might be a bit inappropriate to post on this G-rated blog. So, you'll just have to imagine my kissy face, but o wait -- it probably looked just like that weird kissy face picture I posted above.


  1. I was going to suggest that you use all the photos you took of yourself to create a Liz montage, but didn't want to add to the narcissism.

  2. hey, that's one of the only finance/econ-type of mags that i like! good choice.

    and yes, i believe our next president to be very handsome. *crossing fingers*

  3. @grace - yeah, i really hope he gets elected. i got my ballot yesterday.

  4. I'm a republican but I'm gonna vote for him. I'm not really into politics but I think it is interesting. I don't think a party can influence what a person really wants to do or achieve in life. There you go again, falling in love with older guys!! hahaha. Oh, sorry I didn't call today, I'll contact you next week!! Thanks for working on the itinerary.

  5. cute glasses. and facial expression. :)


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