Monday, May 12, 2008

practice practice practice & a bday

After Scott's workshop, I've been looking at everything differently. I've noticed catch lights in people's eyes, and will get mezmorized by the light and shadows on faces, walls, clothes, etc. (Forgive me if we're having a conversation, and I look like I'm not listening....I am, but I'm also probably thinking about how I could take a picture of you). :)

So, when I went to Robyn's bday bbq on Saturday, I couldn't help but notice some amazing light under the trees we were resting under. I even had Mary do the seemingly ridiculous pose (in front of everyone). It's interesting to
analyze images now, and think...."man! if only I had them x, y, z!" or "I forgot to...!" or "where are the catch lights?!" I'm determined to nail the shot.

Pri and Mary doing the pose. Chanell just laughing while I was trying to get her to pose.


  1. oh man, i'm a CELEBRITY!
    did i spell that right?
    i'm too lazy to spell check tho


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