Tuesday, June 24, 2014

day 39: sycamore canyon campground to long beach

we thought today's 70 miles wasn't going to be too bad. recently we've been covering 30 miles in just under 3 hours so we figured 70 miles would be a breeze. never predict the future. i've learned this lesson over and over on this trip. 

we were packing up for the day when suddenly, i saw a guy dressed surprisingly well for a campsite. as my eyesight came into focus, i realized it was scott! "what?! we were supposed to meet him in malibu! what is he doing here?!" 
scott surprised us with trail magic which included bagels, whipped cream cheese, tomato, lox, a cup of COFFEE!, and fresh picked oranges from his yard. we ate everything of course while hearing stories and packing up. it was such a special surprise to have someone (who i have only really met one other time: the day before we summited mt. whitney. and he and his daughter agreed to strip down to their underwear on top of said mountain) come and meet us with so many meaningful treats. he gave some chiropractic advice to michael and then we were off....to elevensies in malibu. 
today was the true entry into los angeles, parts i've never even seen before. how shall i say this? i am grateful that i am merely a visitor passing through. if samuel and i had any hunch before about not living in la, today nailed that into the coffin. we are certain la is not our cup of tea. 
on the pacific coast highway, we were stopped at most traffic lights and then surrounded by big rigs near the port. it was exhasuting to navigate so many cars and noise. we were glad to finally be done as the sun set during our last 1/2 mile to lindsay and chris' home. 
besides scott's surprise visit, some redemptive things included:
1) eating at lily's in malibu where we got a huge and delicious huevos con chorizo burrito
2) meeting up with alice and eating a delicious meal in santa monica
3) riding on a bike path in the middle of the sand
4) arriving at lindsay and chris' home in long beach to a delicious dinner and a beautiful daughter! 
tonight, i am grateful to have seen aspects of los angeles totally new to me and wonderful hosts who welcomed us into their homes. hospitality, what a beautiful gift.

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