Saturday, June 21, 2014

day 38: santa barbara to sycamore canyon campground

we said goodbye to sommer and ben after eating at least a quarter of a loaf of chocolate banana bread smothered with peanut butter and two cups of coffee (that was just my portion). it was so restful to be in that space and to be in good company. 
(look what they had in their bathroom! where can i find this?!) 
we rode for about 30 miles to ventura to have lunch at a taco shop with my oldest sister and two nieces. i didn't ask her to bring much (besides some fruit) because i knew driving out an hour with two small kids was already a big deal.
well, she arrived and said, "i brought galbee jjim [translation: korean pot roast], rice and kimchee. want that?" we simultaneously said, "YES!" i haven't had korean food since we started so it was a huge unexpectes treat. we devoured it immediately and gorged ourselves silly with every fruit variety we could imagine. it was heaven. 
i got super sleepy after the meal and laid down for a bit. my body has never been horizontal during the day when we ride. now i know why: because it never wants to get back up. i was getting scorched though and suddenly had to use the bathroom badly, so that helped remedy my horizontal episode.  
we said our good byes and took off with 30 or so miles more to make our total 60 miles today. we landed at sycamore canyon where we got free hot showers (because the coin machine should've charged us, but didn't), met boston dave (cycling from sf to sd), and went to sleep!
(this is how we know we're in so cal. we just follow the palm trees.) 
(california is going through a drought and apparently, sod must still be grown.)
tomorrow, we make our way into los angeles! CRAZY!

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