Friday, June 13, 2014

day 30: point reyes station to half moon bay state beach

66, 11, 1

gosh, i'm not even sure where to begin. i'm laying in my sleeping bag, the ocean's waves are crashing and the frogs are ribbiting in a distance. i feel so full and grateful tonight. today's 66 miles didn't seem difficult because we were in the company of friends - or more accurately, in the anticipation of the company of friends. 

after having spent generous time with amy in point reyes, we left this morning (after delicious treats from bovine bakery and palace market) to hit golden gate bridge where we planned on meeting kevin. 
(one last stop at bovine bakery)
(the birds have learned to be very aggressive for crumbs!) 
kevin would ride down with us to half moon bay, camp, and ride to santa cruz with us tomorrow. we were so thrilled to have someone join us, that getting to sf wasn't too big of a deal, with the only exception being fighting the tourist crowds on gg bridge. actually, i really dislike the bridge on bike and warned samuel of it before crossing. the funny thing is that he LOVED it! every time i'd look back, i could see a huge grin on samuel's face.
(sunmy california did a fine job of welcoming us.)
we stopped at a deli and ate gyro wraps dripping with super garlicky tzatziki sauce. it was quite tasty, but it really messed with my stomach (which i found out about 20 minutes after we started riding). my stomach started hurting like crazy, and sitting in that compressed position wasn't doing anyone any good. i moaned on the way up a hill and finally said i needed to stop so i could do some downward dog (to help the gas move around. you've done this before right?) well, after a series of yoga on the shoulder of hwy 1 (in daly city), i felt comfortable enough to move on into the cold, mist, and wind. 

the last portion into half moon bay state beach was fantastic. it was off the highway on a bike path and it led us directly to the hike/bike site. we made it home. 
while waiting for our friends from the bay area to arrive, we showered to be more presentable, set up shop so we could go to sleep immediately after their departure, and worried about m&m! they had left from sf that morning, so either they pulled an "88 mile day" again and went all the way to santa cruz, started super late, or something horrible happened. hmm. "samuel, did you text them?...did they text back?...can you text them again?" well they finally arrived to two picnic tables full of people we love and miss from the bay! they brought us FOOOOOOD!, snacks, and a sense of being known (as well as comments that made me realize how dark i'm getting. haha). in total, we had 11 people who joined us today and all of them get a shout out WOOTWOOT: kevin, heather, ian, georgia mae, joy, billy, mary, emily, heidi, geo, & matt

one happy extroverted liz.

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