Thursday, June 12, 2014

day 29: point reyes station. only.

oh the usual rest day: sleep in, eat, linger, be sleepy, move slowly, rest, and eat. we literally sat under a shady tree or on a bench in the shade most of the day. it was perfect. 
(bovine bakery has amazing baked goods in huge portions. good for a bike tour, not good for daily life, size-wise. amy had two of her paintings featured!)
(amy made us salad for lunch with lettuce picked from her garden.)
(i miss poppies. so nice to see them popping up everywhere!)
(entrance to the place we stayed.)
(we ate sandwiches for dinner. it was good, but not big enough! :-( so i asked samuel to get another sandwich and we split it. we also devoured a large bag of chips.)
(sunset on the way home.)

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