Tuesday, June 10, 2014

day 28: bodega dunes campground to point reyes station

one of my most favorite places is point reyes (pr). it never gets old and i am always down for a trip to pr. so it made complete sense to plan our rest day here versus the city. pr is small town, out in nature, has tasty food options (but not overwhelmingly so), quiet, AND one of my favorite people lives here.

we left at 8am and rode until 11:38am to complete 32 miles for the day. we traded the sonoma coast for marin county's seaside. the views were pleasant, but the hills were horrible for the last 10 miles. each one zapped any momentum i had for the next hill. but i just stayed focused on getting there before amy's 92 year old dad left for the day. so i pedaled as hard and as fast as i could. 
we ended up getting there in time to watch the annual parade and have (second) lunch with amy and her dad cliff. the only other 92 year old person i know is paola, samuel's grandma in france. and you know what i like about both of them? their laughter! there's something very special to hear a 92-year-old laugh!
lunch turned into a shower and a nap, then dinner at the station house with amy. we had ribs, mac & cheese, and a duck confit hash with a poached egg. oh dear. i walked home feeling slightly ill (almost nauseous) for eating such rich food. i'm glad i didn't have a beer.

sleep. all i want to do is sleep and wake up when i wake up tomorrow morning. it will be a glorious day to rest.

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