Saturday, June 7, 2014

day 26: russian gulch state park to point arena

all i could think of this morning was "go eat bagels!!!" FINALLY, i would be able to eat these glorified bagels that have been on my mind for weeks. bagels bagels bagels. 
so we did. we stopped at good life cafe & bakery in mendocino guessed it, m&m! boy, we keep celebrating our "last meal" together by going big, but i have a feeling we'll keep seeing them over and over down the coast! that would be an awesome hoot. they are the first people we met who were biking all the way to mexico. (if you remember day 5's andy, the "thick spaghetti noodle legs" guy, his final destination was sf.)
samuel and i hadn't had breakfast because we knew we would eat there, so we were HUNGRY! i had a toasted garlic bagel with cream cheese and veggies. SO GOOD! and then we got a few more things for lunch. the four of us sat at the cafe and ate, talked, and laughed for 1.5 hours before i told them, "we'll see you on the road" and took off. we didn't see them again the rest of the day while eating and riding through a pretty demanding day. :-(

it's amazing how much we care about m&m after such a short period of time. my guess is that a high frequency of shared meals and experiences over a short span of time accelerates connection. it's certainly true for how we feel about m&m right now. i imagine we will hold them close for a long time to come.

that's the interesting thing about friendships, i suppose. friendship isn't sustained by merely catching up about life, it's sustained and nurtured by creating new experiences together. and not just that...i'm beginning to believe there needs to be some element of suffering or hardship AND laughter/joy to cement those experiences.

samuel and i are just a few days away from hitting sf. it'll be my first time being back in the bay area since january 1, 2014 when we drove off and said goodbye. i'm feeling mixed about being back in a place i feel pretty certain i'll only be visiting from now on, a place that's no longer home. i'll be coming back as a visitor to a place i know well, a place where i re-grew up to the lizzie of today. i'm feeling a mild hesitation and timidness. this surprises me. strange how with time and space, everything can change. maybe it's that i feel different, or maybe i'll find that i haven't changed at all.
tonight, samuel and i are sitting right by the coast of hwy 1, in a spacious cottage that belongs to stacy's mom, nancy. i can hear the ocean's roar and i can feel the wind's chill. 
being in a home draws out my tiredness in a way my tent hasn't been able to. it's a sense of being home that allows me to drop deeper into my weary body. i hope for dreams that make me feel full tonight, not just because we ate bread pudding AND a hearty piece of chocolate cake for dessert to celebrate 43 miles well done.

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