Thursday, June 5, 2014

day 24: burlington campground to standish-hickey state rec area

it's 8pm, still bright out, birds chirping, and warm. we are inside the tent in our underwear trying to escape the mosquitos. they are swarming outside and half our bodies have already been devoured while we tried to have dinner during the raid. it's like hell descended upon us.

today's 45-mile ride started early and by 10am, the sun was beating us down. wow, it was HOT. most of our view was along the eel river which looked like a remnant of a river which once flowed abundantly. california is really in a drought.
after a lot of tough, exposed climbing, we finally got to our site for the night and went to a swimming hole!!! dear god, what a mercy. 
my god, we are sooo hot inside the tent, not a single breeze and only the lingering heat around us.
tonight, i'm just super sleepy and overheated and looking forward to climbing a massive hill to get closer to the cooler coast.

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