Wednesday, June 4, 2014

day 23: eureka koa to burlington campground

sudden fever and stomach ache fell over me tonight literally out of nowhere. 
i was having a pleasant phone conversation with my friend mary while watching the redwoods sway slowly back and forth when i started feeling aches as if i were about to diarrhea (sorry about my tmi, i just know you will know exactly what i mean if i say that). anyway, i rushed to the bathroom and then rolled into the tent feeling really cold all over except my face which was burning up. samuel gave me some aleve and then i passed out for an hour. i emerged feeling a thousand times better and had dinner only to refuel for tomorrow, but not because i was hungry. that was a completely new sensation (not being hungry) on this trip.

weird huh? maybe it was because i ate an extra half of a delicious sandwich made of honey roasted peanut butter, banana, and honey for lunch. 
no....can't be. or was it that starbucks mocha frappuccino drink that had 31g of sugar? fever by way of sugar intake? too many cherry tomatoes at lunch? or was it that bug that flew in my mouth? who knows. as i sit here in my tent, my stomach is still feeling a little uneasy. it might be a long night for lizzie!

but besides the daily recounting of my bowels, we did have a wonderful day of riding. gosh, we went really strong for most of the morning on the 101 next to zooming cars. after 22 miles, we pulled off the freeway to eat and we ate a lot. salami, hummus, tomatoes & bread (plus leftover sweet potato chips from our splurge yesterday. 
after stuffing my belly, we hopped back on our bikes, eager to get to the avenue of the giants. (that was where we both wanted to spend the most time today.) and oh my dear lord. it was absolutely fantastic. i will let these poor-substitute-for-the-real-thing images speak for themselves.
the 53 miles went by quickly today, and an early arrival to camp was very much welcomed. showered, phone call, and then, aforementioned issues. 

oddly enough, even though we spent all that money on food, we didn't have much to show for at dinner. two cans of sardines, two avocados, a carrot, and brazilian nuts. when m&m showed up, we asked them if they could spare some carbs. (they always have yummy tortillas!) from freeloading to talks of marriage and laughing until my stomach hurt, we probably had one of the best conversations yet. we've been journeying with m&m now since oregon and it's been probably one of the most delightful and unexpected aspects of this trip.
tonight, i'm feeling present and grateful. everything about this trip is an enormous gift of simplicity. 

oh, i forgot to mention our two major milestones: 1) we passed the halfway point between vancouver and the mexican border today!!! and 2) we broke 1000 miles!!! wow. i am really proud of this accomplishment!!! 
and to top it off, we saw so many beautiful flowers lining the freeway.

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