Monday, May 26, 2014

day 13: astoria to nehalem bay state park

as soon as we went downstairs with our bikes and packs, a light drizzle fell apace. samuel and i went to a nearby bakery for coffee and a few baked goods for the road. (i ended up eating my moist honey bran muffin on the spot.) 
when did 40 miles become a short day? we have only been on this tour for 12 days and my perspective has so clearly shifted. 

today's ride was probably more congested than usual because of memorial day weekend affairs, especially in cannon beach. we didn't linger very long because crowded places make me want to run away. i remember when i lived in santa cruz, i used to leave during holidays because it got too touristy for my taste. 
the major event of the day was when samuel's back of the knee started hurting again on our first big climb of the day. yikes! i ended up taking most of his gear so that he wouldn't have to push that much weight. the nice thing was that this put us at a closer matching pace. (i usually leave him in the dust. haha)
the other major event of the day was when we stopped at a home selling miniature pinscher puppies and bought one!
ok, i kid. but they were irresistible! 
(i got some rasberries for dessert tonight!)

otherwise, the oregon coast wasn't shabby.
it was sensational!

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