Saturday, May 24, 2014

day 12: all around astoria

we didn't even touch our bikes today. they are resting, like us.
we slept in because we had nowhere to be and then ate a delicious breakfast at the coffee shop down the block. this photo probably says more about the meal than words, except what it is we actually ate.
(we started with the brownie.)
we walked around a bit afterward and discussed what we would like to eat for lunch (and do for the rest of the day). but before any of those energy consuming activities, we headed back to our room and laid in bed. ahhhh, so relaxing. 

the walk to get burritos (what we decided on for lunch) took us about 1.5 miles away in rain and wind. we devoured the food and then walked across to the opposite end of town to catch xmen on opening day.
(all wet)
the big news of the day was that samuel got some blisters from walking barefoot in crocs. 

after xmen, we came back to the room and rested to recover from sitting through an action-packed movie. 
(view from the bed) 

and lastly, we made another giant salad and shared mango for dessert to cap the night. samuel never wants to leave astoria and i am beginning to itch to hop on my bike again. i'm eager to see this amazing oregon coast EVERYONE raves about. plus, we still have about 1400 miles to go! (we are officially 25% done.)

tonight, i'm feeling grateful for time to chat with my sisters on the phone, hold hands with samuel, and rest. tomorrow, i ride!!! :-)

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